Monday, 18 April 2011

Travels begin in two weeks

Greetings from Studio 22.
All happening as I think about packing for travel again. I shall try to write each day but during July I have no Internet access!
Journey starts in the heat of Dubai for four days then on to London where I can again use my UK passport instead of being faced with the interminable queues at Immigration in the notorious Terminal 3 at Heathrow.
So for now, I sift through the gradually diminishing list of things that must be done yesterday but certainly by 3 May. A mounting pile of bits and pieces, all apparently essential to my well-being for the next 4 months, is spread across the bed. It looks a disaster but is my version of organised chaos.
That's it for now. Next saga will be from London in early May.
 Signing off with take care and - Slan.    Gillie

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